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A successful board meeting can be described as a combination between planning, preparation and execution. Meetings for board members typically require an enormous amount of time, but they can be a critical element of the company’s success. To maximize board participation, companies should implement the best practices to facilitate efficient decision-making.

Start and end at the same time

It is no secret that many board meetings begin late and last longer than they should. It is crucial that meetings begin on time and finish on time to limit the amount of fatigue that occurs during meetings.

Set Priorities for the Meeting

It is common to get distracted during board meetings by new topics for discussion that could cause a waste of meeting time. To minimize this, prioritize two key issues that need to be discussed and limit discussion to 30 minutes per. This will keep the meeting productive and focused on the important issues.

Give Directors the Board Pack in advance

Informing board members of their agendas and meeting materials in advance helps them prepare for the meeting prior to time and increases the likelihood that they will arrive on time when the meeting begins.

Review Your Meetings

Each year, a few times, give each member of the board with sticky notes at the end of the meeting and ask them to write a “+” for what’s working and an “-” for what needs improvement. This will provide leadership with honest feedback that will lead to better meetings for the board in the future.

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