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The best VPNs provide premium features such as extensive servers, powerful P2P and streaming support, easy-to-use apps that work on all devices and strong cryptography. They must also earn some money, since they require money to operate. This means that they either charge a fee or profit from user data by sharing it with third party (Hola VPN, for instance was found to be selling bandwidth of users to botnets). The majority of free apps earn revenue by promoting their apps in-app which puts your browsing privacy at risk. They also collect and sell data about your search and access to content.

There are several free options, but they all have limitations. For instance data allowances can limit your internet browsing, or other activities. Some may be rife aggressive advertising, use weak encryption and leak IP addresses and other DNS data. Some, like Hola VPN share your data with shadowy parent companies.

CyberGhost VPN is a great free alternative. It has a reasonable server network and works with plenty of major streaming platforms, including Netflix and Amazon Prime. It also has decent speeds and a good amount of free data. Its privacy policy is decent, too. It doesn’t track or sell information and strictly adheres to the no-logs audited policies.

Speedify is a great, choice for those who want to use it for free. It’s easy to set up and offers 2GB free data per month. It works on multiple devices, offers decent speeds, and protects your browser history as well as other data using AES-128 encryption. It’s located in Romania which is a country that values privacy, and has a no-logs policy which has been independently verified.

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