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Silent mode lets users muffle notifications, alerts and pop-up windows. This feature allows users to perform virus scans and other tasks without interruption. It is especially useful for gamers who want to concentrate on their game without being distracted by antivirus’s notifications.

Avast’s silent mode can be accessed through the Settings menu. It can be turned on or disabled as needed. Silent mode blocks all notifications not deemed vital or relevant to an important security issue when enabled. This includes virus classification updates, security scan results and other notifications that would normally be displayed on the screen. However, this mode can still be used to turn on certain notifications, like ones that relate to gaming or a full-screen application.

When the silent mode is disabled, all announcements including incoming emails and Windows content, are updated. This may reduce your avast speed slightly, as the antivirus software will need to perform more background tasks, such as scanning and updating. This isn’t a huge problem, but may cause some users to be angry.

Avast offers an option for quiet mode as well as a quiet mode for gaming. Both can be enabled or deactivated based on the needs. This feature can be found in the settings menu. It’s designed to let gamers concentrate on their game and not be distracted by Avast alerts, notifications or pop-ups. This feature is especially helpful for those who utilize their computer for demanding tasks like gaming, video games, or programming.

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